Domain Names and Website Hosting Services Supplied

Domain Name Management and Web Hosting Services

Registering and Managing Domain Names

In order to take as much of the stress of setting up an internet presence off clients’ shoulders, visualeze will happily register and manage the relevant domain name or names for you. This includes setting up the nameservers for your website, email addresses and the website hosting itself.

Current Pricing:

  • = £30.00 per annum
  • .com /.net /.org /.info = from £35.00 per annum
  • .tv /.cc = from £60.00 per annum

other TLD‘s priced at request

On the expiry of your initial registration period [normally a minimum of 2 years] I will automatically renew your domain for a further period unless you have stated otherwise. This way you do not have to worry about “losing” your domain name providing you pay the relevant renewal charges.

Domain name registration and renewal is not available as a standalone service, I provide it only as a service to clients who have sites built/developed/maintained by me. If you wish to purchase domains directly I suggest looking at or as normally reliable and economical registrars.

Background Reading on DNS

A full list of beginners’ guides are available at ICANN here.

The “How Stuff Works” guide to the Domain Name Server system.

Your Website Hosting

NOTE: Website hosting services are not available as a standalone product. I make this available solely to visualeze clients to ensure a secure and reliable hosting environment for their websites.

Once you have got your domain name registered, it only remains to find space on a webserver to run the website off. To this end, visualeze has obtained Virtual Private Server facilities [see below for explanation of VPS technology] with one of the hosting industry’s most reputable companies.

Installed on a modern and secure Linux based server with a fast network connection and the most up to date versions of all relevant software, this arrangement ensures that visualeze hosted sites benefit in terms of speed, security and uptime at minimum cost to the client.

The aim of this VPS hosting facility is to provide reliable web hosting for clients – an easy, secure and dependable option when it comes to their choice of hosting.

What is VPS Website Hosting?

VPS is a hosting environment which provides each host with their own virtual machine. The VPS is a private and protected area that operates more like an independent server than shared hosting. The VPS allows multiple hosts to share the expense of hardware and network connections without sacrificing performance. It also greatly reduces the impact of other customers’ misuse.

Even though hardware is shared, the VPS set-up features ‘fair share’ control of processes, memory, and network, so each VPS receives the resources it deserves. It’s the best method of preventing any single user from hogging shared resources and ensures each host’s websites perform consistently.

VPS technology provides a high level of reliability and security at a reasonable cost while still offering full services.

The current hosting fee for the majority of my clients is £100 per annum. If your website is going to be exceptionally large or resource hungry the fee may be higher, but you will be told if it will cost more at the beginning of the site building stage.