The Basics of Website Design Services

Seeking Some Answers on Website Design Basics?

If you are a only starting out on the web, much of this website may mean little or nothing. This page contains some of the basics of website design to help you get started.

After reading through, then why not get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation. An hour spent discussing your background, product/service and current visibility on the web can often be enough to provide you with a concise overview of how a website can work for you.  It will help you to compile an outline strategy, all in a terms that are clear.

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The Ethos

Simplicity – By making sure that in mixing content and style to produce a memorable & informative website. The visitor should not require either extreme patience nor a compass to access the information contained.

Understanding – By listening to the client and coming to a full understanding of the requirements they have, thus to help them achieve or surpass their goals in term of a website.

Pricing – Regardless of whether the project concerns a large, new bespoke design website, or just a modest site makeover or SEO work. Pricing will be clear, comprehensive and suit the best interests of both parties.

Promotion – an integral part of the process, making the website profile visible and accessible to the target audience. Done via a variety of marketing avenues while sticking to any budget restraints the client may have. All pages will be optimised for search engines. I will also suggest where a little ‘tweaking’ of website content might be beneficial.

Evolution – The internet continues to grow and develop at a rapid pace with both audience & search engines evolving in their level of sophistication. Therefore, through planned and coherent application of design your website will be capable of evolving to match the market with minimum of work.

A fairly basic website design built for UK Rain Gardens information.
Sometimes in website design, simple can be best