Domain Based Email Services & Accounts

Email Services for Clients

A major benefit of having your own domain name based website is the ability to use the email address for business correspondence.

I offer clients a full range of domain based POP and IMAP email services as well as browser based [ Roundcube webmail ] interfaces. I configure all new email accounts with Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) for validation of outgoing messages. The server utilises Spamassasin for spam filtering of incoming messages.

Whether you just need a single email address that you can use for business purposes and access easily from anywhere via your computer, tablet or smartphone or multiple addresses allocated and configured to individual members of your staff, the aim is to provide a reliable, secure service.

For those websites hosted by me your first email address will be provided for free in the hosting fee.

My charges for additional email addresses are £15 per annum each.

Email Forwarding

I can set up your domain name based emails to forward to an existing address [ eg. your Gmail address ]. This is instead of collecting these emails directly. However, due to increasing worldwide efforts to prevent spamming and phishing, I cannot guarantee a reliable service using forwarding. You may find that some emails are bounced back to the sender or simply not delivered. I now strongly advise against using this method.