The Basics In SEO and Marketing Your Website

So, your website looks fabulous and the content fantastic. Without a thorough marketing strategy fewer visitors will find their way to your website. The following information is designed to give a brief overview of some of the basics that should be part of your strategy. These are by no means the only tools that might be considered. If you are planning an online campaign for an existing website then please get in contact to discuss a bespoke package to suit your budget.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation for Websites

Content, content, content – the first three SEO steps in getting a good ranking in the search engines. That is the client’s responsibility. From there visualeze will make sure that each web page has the content and code elements aligned to ensure that the quality of the content is fully appreciated by Google, Bing and the rest of the major engines.

Once the content side is covered then your website will be optimised for speedy delivery to all devices – computer, tablet and smartphone.

I consider optimisation as a vital and intrinsic requirement of any website build. Therefore all pages in new sites are optimised as part of the build quote.

I also offer SEO service packages to bring existing sites up to the highest level of search engine readiness. Get in touch to find out how I can help.

A Few Tips about Optimisation – but not all!

In terms of search engine optimisation the page title is used by the major search engines as the most important piece of information available in order to help them determine the topic of your page. This helps to determine the ranking of your page in the respective engines search results.

The meta description tag is intended to be a concise and accurate summary of your page’s content. The key is that the description is unique and relevant to the content of that page.

Link Management and Tracking

Getting links pointing to your website from other sites is important. However, if you get a few links from high ranked, relevant sites it will be better as SEO than a large quantity of links from link-swap and other sites which have little relevant content.

Achieving good rankings in major search engines is a blend of many techniques. Incoming link management can be a highly crucial one. Search engines will improve your website rankings depending on the number but especially the quality [ as in relevance ] of the sites linking to your website. Your link status can be tracked to show what sites are linking back to you. What’s more the same came be done for your competitors’ websites. I can provide reports as a one-off event or on a regular schedule showing the ongoing link development.

Graphical Banner Advertising for Web Marketing Campaigns

“Banner ad” as a term gets its name from one of the first graphical advertisements found on the web. It’s called a banner because the original dimensions were 468×60 pixels which is the ratio of a classic fabric banner. Nowadays the term refers more generally to graphical advertisements, which come in a wide variety of sizes and ratios. Marketing campaigns involving adverts of this nature broadly fall into two categories.

  1. A placed ad is similar to advertising in the printed press or other media. You either pay a flat fee to have it shown for a set period on a host site or on a pay-per-click basis.
  2. A banner exchange is where a group of website owners contribute advertising to share amongst the pool. You offer to display the other site owners’ ads on your site in exchange for displaying your banner on another site or sites. These schemes rarely involve straight swaps but more likely take into account such things as exchange ratios, clickthrough rates and impressions.

Although now not so useful in SEO terms they can still have their place. I can, according to your needs, not only design your banners but also provide strategies and manage campaigns for you.