Do you need an Ecommerce Enabled Website or Online Store?

The rise of eCommerce over the last decade has changed traditional business. Factors including location and opening hours have in many cases been rendered irrelevant. For local, national and international business the playing field has been significantly levelled. A retail business without an online store or other eCommerce option may struggle.

I can produce a profitable, reputable, secure ecommerce website given well considered and thorough planning.

The success of any eCommerce website build depends on providing a first-to-last solution. From my initial consultations to quantify the needs of your business, through the design and secure implementation of the website, to post launch updating and maintenance.

Choosing the Best Ecommerce Solution for your Business

Regardless of the size of your business and range of your products, I can identify and deploy the best solution for you. Whether it’s putting Paypal buttons onto your existing site or building a full online store. Below are my favoured solutions, though this list is not comprehensive. There are many, many other options.

Primary eCommerce ‘systems’ include;

  • Paypal: In cases where the product range is small then a full ecommerce system might be overkill. Paypal offers both single buttons and a shopping cart system which can be integrated into any brochure website and is ideal in circumstances like these, especially if you are not already using another online payment processing system . If you believe this may be enough in your situation then I can happily accommodate you. Full information on their fee structure can be found on their website.
  • Online Stores: If your product range is larger and where future development and security are critical, I recommend CubeCart or similar. This is a tried and tested shopping cart system which benefits from the constant development that the open source community provides. Its popularity ensures that feature and security upgrades occur often. It fully integrates with numerous payment processing systems and can allow you to specify a full range of shipping options. It has inbuilt inventory functions as well as complete control over orders and customer details. I also sometimes work with the Magento online store system.
  • WP e-Commerce: ‘…an industrial strength WordPress Plugin for selling digital and tangible goods online‘.  This permits me to build a full e-commerce system inside a WordPress site. I can further extend it for you using third-party extensions. Of a similar ilk is the WooCommerce [ which has excellent WordPress integration ] plugin.

Other Options

  • Marketplaces: If you don’t want to sell directly from your own website then alternatively you might think of opening a virtual shop on ebay. Or if you deal in craft wares then perhaps Etsy or its UK near-equivalent Folksy might be more suitable.
  • Hosted e-commerce: managed or leased eCommerce systems like Volusion or Shopify provide off the peg online store solutions. Though initial website costs can be lower, monthly leasing costs can be high. Some providers also charge a percentage fee for every transaction regardless of whether you use their inbuilt payment processing system or not.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments on your ecommerce website or online store instantly.