A Brochure Website for your Organisation

In normal parlance, a brochure website refers to the ‘traditional’ type of website, consisting of defined pages filled with content. From a few pages meant as a ‘calling card’ to a complete information catalogue of products or services. These sites will have little or none in the way of direct e-commerce capabilities but will include full contact details.  Don’t show a ‘live’ email address instead use a secure contact form. Often used to establish a presence on the internet, these can later be extended and updated to include a range of eCommerce and other capabilities.

Most clients choose to have a bespoke website design created around their existing branding [ or have designed a comprehensive new graphic identity for them ]. There are occasional circumstances where you may prefer to utilise a purchased template for the sake of cost and convenience.  However, this can come at the expense of visibility and marketing penetration.

Using WordPress to Create a Brochure Website

Even if you intend only a small website to get you started with a web presence there is no overwhelming reason for not having it built initially on a WordPress base. Then when the time comes to expand to something more interactive and flexible. You won’t need to pay to have existing content transferred and also risk losing the search engine rankings you have gained for your existing pages. Expansion can be incremental, taking in which aspects of e-commerce, social media, blogging etc match your requirements.

WordPress Commitment

The core WordPress software is free to download and deploy. However, much of its power comes from the third-party plug-ins and extensions on the market. To provide the cheapest cost to clients I have developer licences for the Headway layout creator and BackupBuddy. I can also obtain single site licences for any plug-in you want to use in your brochure website.

green infrastructure consultancy WordPress built website front page
The Green Infrastructure Consultancy Website
Greater Thames Marshes brochure website front page
Greater Thames Marshes website