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Swimming in the Social Media Pool Ocean – Updated 2016

Social Media Networks and Strategy

Some of the many options available to utilise in your social media strategy

Whether you are currently standing on the shore looking out, or already dipping a toe in, or trying to swim through the swirling tides of possible social media opportunities, If you are reading this then maybe you feel that you haven’t yet got command over this area of ‘marketing’.

If you have done any research at all on the subject you will realise that the main budgetary concern isn’t money, it’s time!

Like it or not, whether you are a company or not-for-profit organisation, you need to be involved or preparing to on the social media front. I’m sure you will be aware of just how many of your competitors are already engaged with it and making it work for them.

Can you afford to be left behind?

The Main Players

Rather than indulge in a long drawn out explanation of how each of the social media companies / portals works, given that they are constantly adding to or evolving the features they offer [and I would thus have to keep re-writing this page], I think it best if I give a quick overview of those I normally deal with and leave more detailed analysis of the rest to posts in the social media section of the blog. At the side of this page you will find links to sites which I feel have the best specialist writers on the subject and at the bottom are a couple of selected blog articles to get you [even more] warmed up.

Let’s start with Twitter as it’s the network you will find quickest and easiest to use, I have accounts for both business and personal use. A great way to network with people quickly. The 140 character limit per message makes it the SMS of the online world.

Linkedin is much more a business networking tool, not so much social media as professional connectivity. Even if you have limited time to spend, it’s still worth joining and posting a full profile. From my recent experience it seems to lack activity now [ 2016 ]. Whether it can regain momentum is questionable despite the recent takeover.

Facebook is more conversational in outlook, and recently has begun to introduce features which will attract business users. Currently I find this the most useful Social Media channel. Its success partially accounts for Linkedin’s struggles.

Other Avenues

Ever use photography, audio or video to record what you do? Why only post these media on your own site where there may be a limited audience? Why not get accounts with Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube or Soundlab and post them there? They can reach a potentially much larger audience and you can still show them on your own site by embedding the links. You never know, you might even post something that goes ‘viral’ one day… in a good way, of course!

A Few Choice Social Media Articles on Other Sites

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