Greater Thames Marshes NIA

Mar 5, 2014 | Case Studies

The Greater Thames Marshes NIA website was commissioned in 2012 to provide an outlet for information on the 3-year Nature Improvement Area project being run by a group of interested parties.

Context [quoted from the website]:

“What is a NIA? Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs) are pilot schemes funded by the Government to bring key partners together to plan and deliver significant improvements for wildlife and people through: Sustainable use of natural resources; Restoring and creating wildlife habitats; Connecting local sites; and, Joining up local action on a landscape scale.”

Greater Thames Marshes NIA website

The design was taken from existing artwork the group had created for the project’s business plan, thus my work focussed on how best to convert it for presentation in a web format. As it happens, the build went very smoothly and was finished on schedule and concluded with me giving a short training session on WordPress administering/posting to the staff with that responsibility.